Aura’s Positivity Jars meets Akron Public Schools

Aura’s Positivity Jars meets Akron Public Schools

It is very important to me that people not only buy my Jars, but more importantly they strengthen their Mental Health. The ultimate goal of this business is to normalize conversations about, support, and utilization of Healthy Coping. Coping in a healthy manner is vital to your mental health.

Last week, I had the amazing opportunity to speak life into a series of girls at Jennings Middle School + North High School and give them some of my Positivity Jars 

We discussed their unhealthy Coping Skills and I introduced them to some Healthy Coping Skills to combat those. I also taught them the importance of Proactive vs. Reactive Coping Skills.

 Setting a strong foundation for your mental health is so important to instill in out youth. If they can set healthy patterns now, then they will be set to cope their way through life. If you are interested in Jars for your non profit or me speaking to your students, nonprofit, etc. please contact Finney

This is only the beginning.